Things that we can do in Puglia, Italy


Valle d’Itria

Connecting together Albebello with a portion of the other top spots to visit in Puglia, for example, Locorotondo and Martina Franca, is the Itria Valley.

Grasping the characteristic magnificence of this inland valley is the name of the game here; regardless of whether through climbing, or taking a bicycle with Puglia cycling visits.

A Karstic discouragement, as opposed to a valley appropriate, this staggering zone is inundated with vines and olive trees, with Trulli houses dabbed all through it.

In the event that you are searching for the quintessential Puglian resting place, at that point you can really book into increasingly present day and updated funnel shaped style Trulli convenience here in the valley. Huge numbers of these are set among antiquated Olive Trees and with pools to get away from the mid year heat.

Sant’Agata di Puglia

While the coastline and Trulli homes are appropriately celebrated on most should visit Puglia records, head to the slopes and heaps of the district for a totally extraordinary encounter.

One of those towns which just takes you back in time, Sant’Agata di Puglia is a couple of hours drive from Bari, yet you’ll feel shipped not to only an alternate setting, yet an alternate time.

In the Foggia region, well known for moderate travel and agritourism, you’ll wind up in the slopes and mountains, frequently with perspectives to neighboring locales of Italy. To the Apennines, these medieval towns gave solid visual stations, and most have a manor or fortification sitting at their most noteworthy point.

Towns, for example, Sant’Agata di Puglia aren’t the sort of spots you come to tick off a considerable rundown of must-visit attractions, yet rather to unwind into a bona fide pace of life.

On the square, flanked by a couple of bistros, local people sit on seats and plastic seats drinking coffees or brews and making up for lost time. Little eateries present customary Cucina Povera, the laborer nourishment of Southern Italy; a tragic name for such scrumptious cooking, which might be straightforward in fixings yet not taste. Away from public scrutiny of the town, of which youthful and enthusiastic archeological staff hold the keys, old watermills and antiquated underground wine basements stow away.


Another slope town in the Foggia territory, Bovina is a second should visit place in Puglia’s slopes.

From the highest point of the Norman château, you can see moving slopes of farmland, broken by the lush regions of the Daunian Mountains. I learnt in Italy there is an official society for the ‘Most delightful towns of Italy’ and Bovino is gladly on that rundown.

Indeed, even in the late long stretches of June, this town was calm and felt altogether different from Bari where we had gone through the prior night.

Thumping on a neighborhood entryway, we enquire to utilize the washroom and are welcomed by a wide grin and a glance at the conventional knit sewing going on in the family room. A huge trophy for this women work sat in pride of spot on the mantle.

San Pietro Church is embellished by point by point craftsmanship, and all through the 2000-years in addition to verifiable focus, you’ll be lost in little lanes and back rear entryways, sporadically discovering a modest bistro or cafés with a bunch of outside seats.

Torre Sant’Andrea

When Janet and I were grabbing our rental vehicle in Brindisi Airport, I saw a picture of this delighted looking rugged washing spot on the back mass of the contract office. I made Janet guarantee me there and afterward we would discover time to drive there, she didn’t require a lot of persuading.

Given it was a huge print in the air terminal, I don’t have the foggiest idea why I had it in my mind we would discover a concealed jewel as we landed at Torre ‘ Sant’Andrea a couple of days after the fact, yet plainly, I’d stalled out on an inappropriate thought.

This spot is staggering, and on a late evening in June, everybody in Puglia appeared to concur with me. The vehicle park was over-streaming, and the yellow-tinted tough rocks were packed with local people precipice hopping into the shimmering and reviving waters underneath. Indeed, even with a mass of guests, it is as yet an overly appealing spot, and one well worth visiting among Otranto and Lecce, however maybe attempt and visit prior, or later, in the day.


Most guests to Puglia tend not to visit the south-west piece of the heel, and we were likewise blameworthy of this. So while I haven’t visit Gallipoli myself, I’ve heard a couple of individuals state ‘skip it, scam’ however undeniably all the more shouting out we were insane for excluding it on our excursion.

In any case, it’s on my rundown for when I return.

The memorable piece of the city really sits on a sort of island, extending away from the terrain, and with some as yet looking shielded narrows for washing, white-washed dividers, and your regular houses of God, holy places and mansions that are found all through Puglia, it has all the primary elements of a Puglian town. Can’t state significantly more than that firsthand, however will include an update after my following visit.

Martina Franca

We had no goal of halting here during my first excursion in Puglia last November, yet I was in urgent need of a latrine break.

The chase for a washroom immediately transformed into a labyrinth like activity, losing all sense of direction in the maze of white avenues that were oddly betrayed in November, and I mean vacant, we didn’t see a solitary soul for around 60 minutes.

On the principle square, which is flanked by a transcending Cathedral and has a bended porch style zone, we appreciated perhaps the best snacks of the excursion, straightforward and tasty and washed down with a lot of wine for the non-assigned drivers.

Martina Franca is a short drive from Alberobello however had not many visitors, in any event on the day I visited, which spots it solidly on the Italy concealed jewels list. In summer it has a drama celebration which sees its guest numbers develop.

The town used to be totally walled off, and the huge squares, little cafés and perfect setting make this a perfect lunch stop if nothing else. While here make certain to test Capocollo, outstanding amongst other relieved meats in Italy. Truth be told, the greater part of Puglia’s most praised relieved contributions originate from Martina Franca.


Frequently called the Florence of the South, because of the Baroque structures that topping the city, Lecce is a spot you’ll need to go through at any rate a night.

Espresso culture is solid here, with a specific spotlight on almond milk frosted espresso, and there are a lot of cool bars for both espresso, and mixed drinks, just as a wealth of phenomenal cafés on little boulevards, and focal squares with unrecorded music.

With ringer towers growing out of houses of prayer, and a Roman amphitheater, Lecce carries it with the engineering as well. A portion of the structures are so old and developed with such fine sandstone, there are places you can rub the dividers, and they essentially disintegrate, so do whatever it takes not to do that! We even observed piece of windowsill fall while we were there, yet cheerfully heard that is anything but a typical event — a shocking city and an unquestionable requirement visit in Puglia.


On the off chance that you are searching for activities in Puglia, at that point a date with Locorotondo is an unquestionable requirement!

I’ll concede, when we at long last stopped up (stopping not continually being the least demanding in Puglia) I was somewhat questionable about Locorotondo, as the cutting edge some portion of the town is nothing unique. Go for the short stroll up the slope through to the old town, and you’ll be shipped to a mysterious labyrinth of white roads, enhanced with hanging bloom bins and outside café tables.

I’m not so much sure why Locorotondon ended up one of my preferred places in Puglia, however I completely began to look all starry eyed at it. The espresso gave all the more a kick here, the gelato felt better here, and each time I turned a corner, my camera would begin staying at work past 40 hours once more. The name of the town originates from the roundabout shape it was inherent, in spite of the fact that this isn’t clear from ground level.

Gargano National Park

This immense national park, more than 120,000 hectares, is somewhere else I basically haven’t had time yet to visit on my three outings to Puglia.

Sticking out into the east-coast above Bari, and opposite Foggia, this secured region is stuffed with exceptional widely varied vegetation, and the white bluffs and gives in along the coast make the ideal compliment.

In the event that you cherish climbing and nature on your days off, at that point make certain to incorporate Gargano on your Puglia plans. You can climb or go through the remaining parts of the memorable Umbra Forest, or hit up the Tremiti Islands in the marine save to appreciate the caverns. It looks an awesome cut of nature, and I’m anticipating coming back to Puglia lastly making it here.


Another impromptu stop on my first Puglia excursion, for the most part since I found an extremely terrific looking lodging a minute ago, and the costs were more ideal than remaining in Alberobello.

Massafra is a community, somewhat raised up and most known for its palace and water system. There is certifiably not an entire stack to do here, yet we enjoyed a criminally modest feast here, It was under €10 a head for three courses, wine, water and espresso, and slurped up the nearby vibes.

Nannas yelled out of windows, games were in progress in bistros, and there were not very many vacationers around. In the event that you need to slip into a town that feels off the vacationer way, Massafra is a jewel.

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